NeoLine Pro Inverter

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• R32 Low GWP Refrigerant
• Cost saving
• Turbo heating
• Comfortable water temperature
• Wide operation range 
• Low noise level
• Titanium heat exchanger
• Pool size range 30m³~80m³
• Indoor and outdoor pools

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The automatic defrost technology provides intelligent auto defrosting and allows the heat pump to work in ambient air temperatures as low as -12°C. It allows you swim at anytime, and extend your swimming season.
The swimming pool heat pool contains efficient rotary compressor and low noise fan motor, which assures its quiet operation, and is ideal for you and your neighbors!

Full DC Inverter technology makes swimming pool heat pump achieve an extremely high COP. Compared with the normal heat pump, the full DC inverter has lower operating cost, saves energy and greatly reduces the heating time. The service life is also longer than normal heat pump. This will enable you to enjoy swimming better.