NeoMini Pro

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• Mini size for above ground pool
• Patent slab design
• Easy plug and play
• Super silent: 1M only 46dB(A)
• R32 gas 
• Titanium heat exchanger
• Easy to use control panel
• Pool size range 5m³~20m³
• Indoor and outdoor pools

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As the PRO version of Mini pool heat pump, NeoMini Pro is born to have features of “Easy to Buy”, “Easy to Install” and “Easy to Operate”. You can buy it in retail markets or one-line stores; place it on to pool filtration, touch few buttons, and then enjoying swimming in your backyard. 

Characteristic Appearance

NeoMini Pro maybe the first pool heat pump with Cartoon-featured appearance design. The whole body is made from injection plastic, and with diverse colors and decorative icons. It’s not only a pool heating equipment, but is a decoration to your backyard.