Fight against epidemic situation,Comprehensive defence

2020-02-13 15

Foreword:We must protect the health of our employees as well as ensure our operations.According to the deployment of the epidemic prevention and control working group, the company's comprehensive management department quickly put into the epidemic prevention action before the Spring Festival.Immediately after the resumption of work, the company organized a prevention and control team to formulate a detailed and rigorous work plan for prevention and control, and conducted training and drills in advance. Ensure that employees who return to work after the festival have a safe and secure working environment.

Registration of personnel in and out of the factory area, and temperature measurement.

The person on duty who enters the factory every day should take a temperature measurement, enter the disinfection channel and report any abnormality in time.Visitors are required to show their ID card and provide a health commitment for registration.In addition, for the external personnel entering the factory area, in addition to the entry and exit registration, all-round disinfection and sterilization of supplier personnel who enter the factory area daily, and the chlorine containing disinfectant should be sprayed.

Enter the disinfection channel: after 84 disinfection and atomization, kill the whole body bacteria


Disinfection in the factory

No matter in the operation workshop, office, office corridor, including handles, corners and other details, it is required to strictly implement epidemic prevention work, and spray the chlorine-containing disinfectant at full coverage daily.

Material reserve:

The company has set up a joint working group for epidemic prevention and control to resume work and deploy the company's epidemic prevention measures. The company reserves disinfectants, sprayers, thermometers, protective mask, gloves, hand sanitizers, alcohol and other materials to make adequate resources preparation for resuming work.

Publicity of epidemic prevention knowledge:

Aini Electric made anti epidemic banners and slogans at the first time, posted them in the factory area to remind employees to pay attention to living hygiene and self-protection, meanwhile, released relevant anti epidemic knowledge on wechat public platform, and conscientiously implemented the epidemic prevention principles of safety first, health first and life first.


Conclusion:We have the ability and the means to prevent the epidemic!Resist the epidemic situation, guarantee production, achieve epidemic prevention and double victory in production!